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NASA Confirms Evidence of Water on Earth

31 Feb 2018
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Houston, Texas —
In an astonishing discovery, NASA confirmed today that they have obtained evidence suggesting that liquid water exists on planet Earth. This new finding comes from NASA's latest planet orbiter, a paper boat.
"The approach in our search for life on Earth has always involved finding evidence of presence water on the planet. The team has been working hard at solving this problem for over six years, and we now have convincing proof of the mysterious compound's existence," said NASA's director Boaty McBoatface. "The team was relaxing in the swimming pool when one of our principal scientists scooped up some water in his hands and discovered that it was, indeed, water."
In wake of this groundbreaking discovery, the President gathered a press conference to recognise the immense effort that went behind the finding. Addressing the nation, the President noted that the breakthrough was "amazeballs and totally rad".
Critics, however, were still skpetical. "While we are still going over the alleged evidence, we think there are some gaping holes in the theory that water exists on Earth. We strongly believe that this effort to discover water on Earth is misdirected and wasteful," said a spokesperson representing the Anti-Water Association (AWA).
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